Transformational Coaching

Transform your life

Do you feel stuck and not sure how to break out of your current path?

Do you want to feel free and empowered to meet your potential?

My transformation coaching helps you reset, realign and redesign your own path.

When doubt creeps in, our limiting beliefs cause changes in our behaviour. Doubt can lead to lack of confidence and low self-esteem. NLP can break the downward spiral of sabatoging thoughts.

It’s time to say goodbye to self-sabotage and leave negative self-talk behind.

It’s possible to transform the way you think, act and behave. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming. Whether it be through my Breakthrough Programs, Protection, Grounding & Gratitude learning, Time Line Therapy® or my other services.  I create a personalised approach to all my programs.


Transformational Coaching

Who I work with

I work with people who want to create a better them, a better version of their own selves. I work with people suffering from stress, depression, phobias, eating disorders, anxiety, people who have physical pain and acknowledge it is connected to the emotional state. Any issue where a change of mindset is needed.

You’ll be surprised how quickly change can begin. Plus, I’ll help you navigate toward change that is effective, empowering and long lasting.

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP is a model of communication. It’s how we communicate to ourselves and others. And it’s how what we say (and think) creates and affects the way we act.

By using NLP techniques it’s possible to change your thoughts, habits and behaviors. To make a switch with your inner voice so it benefits, not harms you. Using the language of the mind, with NLP you’ll learn ways to unconsciously achieve your desired outcomes.

NLP is used with all my coaching programs.

‘I didn’t really know what to expect, all I knew is that I wanted to feel better in my head space and Heidi was recommended to me by a friend. I did 8 weeks with Heidi and put my full trust  in her and her work. I looked forward to our weekly sessions. I feel so much better after working with Heidi. Every day I put into place the things I learnt and just feel so much better in general. I’m sure there are little changes I haven’t even noticed but life is easier, happier and balanced. I’m in control of me and feel empowered. Heidi is soft, gentle and so professional and so ready to listen and help and guide. The hypnosis has really helped me in dealing with every day life. And I know I can reach out to Heidi when I need. I highly recommend Heidi to help you feel better and empowered every day. Thank you Heidi xx

Sandra White

It’s important to note, transformational coaching doesn’t directly cure illnesses or diseases. It’s practiced to help people improve their general wellbeing and manage symptoms. Read terms and conditions.

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