Weight Loss

Ready to drop the weight for good?

Are you ready to take back control of your life, be healthier, have more energy and confidence and transform your lifestyle? 

I’m here to help. Hypnotherapy has proven to help people on their weight loss journey. But for it to work you must want to lose weight and want to give up any bad eating habits. Whether it be emotional, comfort and binge eating.

Having assisted clients achieve their ideal weight and maintain it, your weight loss journey can start today. 

Weight loss

How does hypnotherapy work?

Using hypnosis techniques, we can get through to your subconscious to create change.

Hypnotherapy can help you to completely change the way you think and feel about food. And it will set you in the right direction to create new and healthier eating habits.

Your commitment to a healthier lifestyle begins when your relationship with food changes for the better.

Why hypnotherapy can work better than other weight loss methods

Diets are a great way of losing weight fast but I’m sure you’re aware, they mostly work in the short term. As soon as you finish the diet, the weight you lost soon find its way back to you. 

This is because a diet doesn’t get rid of emotional eating triggers. And it’s the triggers which lead you to using food as a way of satisfying your emotional needs. 

Hypnotherapy is different because it’s not a diet and you won’t feel deprived or constantly hungry. Instead, we’ll create a personalised program just for you that will remove any negative triggers. This will lead you to a long-term lifestyle change to help you maintain your ideal weight.

I invite you to step forth and stop self-sabotage of yourself, I invite you to choose to work on you. Explore the endless positive possibilities that open up in your life.

Benefits of hypnotherapy for weight loss

Remove triggers by detaching unconscious connections you have with binge and emotional eating

Break bad eating habits and create new healthy habits in their place. Moving you towards a healthier future

Improves your self-confidence and feel in control of your body and life once again

Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?

It’s important to note, weight loss hypnotherapy doesn’t directly cure illnesses or diseases. It’s practiced to help people improve their general wellbeing and manage symptoms. Read terms and conditions.

I had never experienced hypnosis and was pretty nervous before my first session with Heidi from Within Waratah Wellness. But it was truly a deeply relaxing experience and one that has carried over to my everyday life, bringing positive changes to my world. I highly recommend Heidi, she is kind, understanding and intuitive. If you want to make beneficial changes in your life, she’s the person to see. 


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