Distance Energy Healing

Engery healing in the comfort of your own home

Distance healing is the practice of sending healing energy across time and space.

Energy healing can take different forms, but I specialise in Reiki and card reading.

The practice can help clear energy blocks, reduce stress, and can even help with behavioral change such as breaking an addiction.

My distance energy healing sessions give you the option of being treated in an environment where you feel relaxed and most comfortable.

So while some prefer a more hands-on approach, others value the opportunity to be able to immerse themselves in the treatment within familiar surroundings.  And it also means I’ve been able to help clients from all over the world.

Energy healing

How does distance energy healing work?

It’s understandable for some people to feel a little apprehensive about distant energy healing. But having an open mind is the first step. It’s important I can sense your energy field, and that you’re open to receive the healing.

Energy doesn’t have time or space constraints like our physical senses. Energy flows freely, meaning distance sessions can work the same way as in-person sessions.

All my distance energy healing sessions are personalised. I’ll prepare a treatment plan specific to your energy needs. 

So while the experience is different for each person, so too are the feelings you might get during or after a session. You may feel tingling, waves of energy, or your body temperature could change. Afterwards you’re likely to feel lighter, calmer and more relaxed.

Benefits of distance energy healing

Choose a space that feels right for you

Restore positive energy and balance

Healing can take place anywhere

Reinstate energy levels

No travelling needed

Maximise privacy to allow you to release negative energy

Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?

It’s important to note, energy healings doesn’t directly cure illnesses or diseases. It’s practiced to help people improve their general wellbeing and manage symptoms. Read terms and conditions.

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