Reiki for Gratitude

How Reiki for Gratitude changes everything

Gratitude is the “social glue” and backbone to society. While some of us are naturally more grateful than others, those of us who practice gratitude are generally more fulfilled.

Gratitude will ground you in the present. It will give you more confidence, less self-doubt and more peace with yourself. It will stop you lamenting things that have already happened and unnecessarily worrying about the future.

So while many of us would love to find more gratitude within, how do you go about it?

My Reiki for Gratitude session is a one-on-one spiritual teaching. I teach you about protection for your inner self, grounding your energy field and opening yourself to gratitude.



Gratitude for Reiki: How It Works

Running for about 1.5hrs, you’ll receive your own personal recording of the training. That way you’ll be able to set yourself up each day with your energy fields geared for gratitude.

Plus if you take up my 8 week Breakthrough: Transform and Create Your Reality Program we’ll potentially cover Reiki for Gratitude as part of the course.

But everyone is different. So it all depends on how your personal journey progresses and if time allows. If we don’t cover it and you’d love to do this session, I’ll offer you a discounted rate.

How Reiki for Gratitude can help

Learn daily gratitude practices

Learn how to cut cords energetic cords

Spiritual awakening

Clear your energy

Learn protection and grounding techniques

Realign yourself

Are you ready to be the best version of yourself?

It’s important to note, protection, grounding and gratitude sessions do not directly cure illnesses or diseases. It’s practiced to help people improve their general wellbeing and manage symptoms. Read terms and conditions.

Highly recommend Heidi. I dragged myself in feeling heavy and deflated and floated out armed with tools and strategies to help keep me floating. It was a really good feeling to be seen and heard and understood. Heidi does all that and then some ♥. Give her a chance you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Amy Cosgrove

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