When it comes to naming something that is a love in my life, something that has true meaning to me;

I have this urge!

This desire!

Desire to name it with passion, with compassion, with purpose, with a heartfelt connection and most of all, love.

So the birthing of the name of my business was exactly this.

I am so in love with everything that I am doing in my life right now and I am so in love with my business name “Within Waratah Wellness”.

I would love to share my little BIG story with you…

I went away and did my hypnotherapy training and during this training I did some serious goal setting and creating.

So when I returned, I was a gal on mission to complete everything I set for myself within!

A big goal was creating my business for real!!! Just getting myself out of my comfort zone and saying to the world “Hello! I am here! I am here to serve with purpose!”.

I was chin wagging with my bestie about coming up with my business name. She heard me loud and clear (well actually she heard my mum loud and clear from the otherside lol) and a few days later my bestie, along with the Universe, delivered me a name.

It took a while for me to tweak it a bit, (finding a name that wasn’t already taken and sitting with what felt served me best) and just like that, ‘Within Waratah Wellness’ was birthed.

 Now let me share with you 

the breakdown, 


passion and compassion, 

heart feltness, 



pure urge,

and the desire, 

the drive behind each component of this incredible name…. 

and after I have, I would love for you to share with me…

Let me know if you also connect in and feel the love behind it?

I have always loved native flowers and am really drawn to the Waratah. But I think though, I became more drawn to the Waratah in 2009, when my Mumma Bear passed away. The Waratah was her favourite flower of all time.

So when ever I see the Waratah flower, I have an instant connection to them. It wasn’t until the birthing of my business that I dived deep into searching for the meaning behind the Waratah.

As for me, naming something that you are birthing and have birthed; in my world, needs to have meaning. (all of my boys have meaning behind their names – I’ll leave their stories for another day)

The Birthing – The Waratah means beautiful. 

My Mumma Bear was the most beautiful lady to me and everything I do within my business, is about finding the beautiful layers within you.

The Waratah also symbolises strength and courage. This is something I have had to dig deep to find within and to rise to many times in my life time and I am sure there are so many out there that have and are doing exactly this.

It is said that the Waratah was used, back in the day, to assist people recovering from natural disasters, coming back from the war, over coming the emotional darkness, grief, assisting with depression.

Our Indigenous ancestors where known once to soak the Waratah in water and drink it as a tonic of strength. These traditions may still be occurring in today’s world. 

There are still more amazing attributes about the Waratah!

Waratah Birthing

It supports success, love, passion, birthing of new ideas, renewing ones strength and abilities, surfacing hidden talents, bringing in clarity, removing blocks, trust in oneself. I honestly could go on for ever about all the amazing things this incredible Waratah flower can give to each and everyone of us…

With all things said though, these are all the things we can create for yourself  by working together… creating a better you, the version of yourself that you want for you, creating the reality you want to live.

All the work I do, it’s all about going within ones self. About finding the inner strength and courage in you and looking after your well being, whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. 

It’s about providing you with the tools to be able to peel back the layers, inch by inch, revealing your “Inner Waratah” and then learning how to nourish and nurture it and protect it, as you expose the most inner core.

I can’t do this for you, but I can show you how…

And will guide you through, in a safe and trusting environment, where you are always in control of how deep you want to go.  

With all this now shared, I hope you enjoyed a little insight on how ‘Within Waratah Wellness’ is now birthed and changing people lives for the highest of their good.

 Jump on your journey and “find your Inner Waratah” today.


From my heart to yours,

big love

Heidi Lee xx


Birthing example