About Within Waratah Wellness

My journey

Ive always been interested in other realms, spiritual learnings and stepping in and out of different practices, searching for what felt right within me

In my 20s I lost my best friend, my world, my everything my mumma bear. Around the same time I had my first child and I truly struggled. I had a baby with colic, no idea what I was doing, and was still grieving heavily the loss of my mum

It wasnt until one of my best friends said ‘Heidi you need to wake up, stop feeling sorry for yourself and make change. And for this particular bestie of mine to say these words to me, I knew I was not in a good place

I wasnt serving myself, my little boy or my partner. This was my awakening moment in a conscious time. From this moment on I went on a soul searching journey

I experienced hypnotherapy and it changed my entire world. It allowed me to breathe again. It allowed me to walk again without feeling the weight of my entire world on me 

Ever since Ive experienced so many amazing soul purpose things and beings. I have sat in circles, and have healed my body from physical and emotional pain. 

I have many deep learnings and now with these learnings I can share my knowledge with others. Allowing people to rise, awaken and to be who they desire to be.

About me

Hypnotherapist. NLP practioner and coach. Reiki master.

  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Time Line Therapy® Practitioner
  • NLP (neuro linguistic programming) Practitioner
  • NLP Coach
  • Reiki Master
  • Intuitive Angel and Energy Therapist
  • Certified in Angel Card Readings
  • Life experience with loss and grief
  • 25 years being in service in the customer service industry, with 10 years in the corporate world. Allowing me to develop various skills and experiences
  • Studied a Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management and Catering

Shaped by heartbreak and highlights

In the last 12 years I’ve had many great highlights and also heartbreaking moments in my life. 

Almost 4 years ago my family bought a property with our two little people in tow and found out a little surprise was coming our way. I discovered I was pregnant with our third little human. 

I decided I didn’t want to go back to a 9 to 5 job and I wanted to create something magical and work from home so I could be flexible for myself, my family and my amazing clients. 

During my pregnancy my husband had an accident at work and he was out of action for 18 months. You can only imagine the mental, physical, emotional and the financial toll this took on the both of us.

But as time went on life started to become bliss. Our third little bundle of joy shone so much light into our family. As he was a little bubba I started focusing again back into my reiki practice. I was preparing to launch my business and then BOOM!!! 

Once again my world as a whole was turned upside down overnight. My father went missing out at sea in December 2019. This was traumatic for our whole family especially given nothing has been found to this day.

My Dad was no longer here with me physically and to be around to show his grandbabies all the great things life has to give.

During 2020 I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it. Each day I struggled, all I wanted to do was crawl into a big black hole.

I went on a journey to find inner peace and inner knowing so to put my own story together as to what happened that day out at sea with my Dad.

I was able to do this with all my previous knowledge and experience, using the tools I had and all the amazing people I have connected with over the years that have been my inspiration, mentors, facilitators,  friends and family. 

I now have chose to rise again, step in the light and honour myself.  I connect with my Mum and Dad regularly and I have their love and support each and everyday.   

I choose to be light. I choose to be in service. I choose to assist people in creating all their dreams, desires and reality coming true. So they can be the best version of themselves and shed those unwanted layers that no longer serve them.     

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