I love download moments.

They always arrive in the most unexpected times for me and I always know when I need to stop, pause or proceed.

I had this particular download moment back in November 2020 when the house was all quite, my husband was on night shift and my boys were tucked in to bed for the night snoozing away.

I was folding the washing upstairs in our bedroom, I had the TV on but wasn’t watching it, it was just there for a bit of background noise.

So I was folding the washing and for me I find folding the washing puts myself into a relaxed state with my mind wondering, with each piece of clothing I touch brings in a different thought, a feeling and my mind begins wonder into magical places accessing and receiving messages from the divines. I refer to the divines as the gods from above, you may call them your guides, spirits, angels, source, god, Jesus whatever you call them and refer to them is for your highest good so go with your flow and believe to receive.

This message I received in November 2020 was all things love where I had this biggest urge to want to share to each and every person I could possibly reach. At the time I was thinking how can I do this, I can create this massive ripple effect? I sat with it for a few days, then a couple of weeks and then a couple months …. still doing my own behind the scenes research to how and when this idea could be birthed. I knew deep within me, every part of being I wanted to follow this divine guidance and I wanted to deliver some thing sooo amazing to each and every soul but with this I wanted more incerdible people on this journey to share this amazing ripple effect with. So as I received more and more download moments this
is what was created …..

They said be bold, they said be wise, they said ‘I love you’ and they said ‘let’s share it!’

So here we go !!! Let’s share it !!!!

Welcome to the birthing of ‘I Love You Week’.

That’s right ‘I LOVE YOU’ Week!

Let’s get contagious and spread ‘I LOVE YOU’ to each and every soul, all around the globe.

So, to each and every beautiful human out there, every time you look in the mirror and see your reflection, I invite you to look into the eyes of your Inner Waratah (you) and say ‘I LOVE YOU’!

If there is someone in your life that you dearly cherish and you haven’t told them that you love them for some time (or maybe you never have), then now is the time!
Maybe there’s someone on your mind that you can’t stop thinking about, this is your loving reminder to pick up the phone, send a text, post a card, whatever works best for you and say ‘I LOVE YOU’.

Get your crazy ‘I LOVE YOU’ vibes on, go out to your fave spot in nature and scream ‘I LOVE YOU’.

Why not be brave & bold and say to a complete stranger ‘I LOVE YOU’! That very act might be the one thing that makes their day, brings a smile to their face and makes them feel loved.

Let’s kick off this amazing creation of ‘I LOVE YOU WEEK’ by saying I LOVE YOU!
And as you say it notice how awesome you feel.

Let’s get that inner feeling of alignment with our true selves, the essence of ‘I LOVE YOU’.

SO this was the final download moment and I know right now in this moment as I type, this is the perfect time to be delivering this amazing ‘I LOVE YOU WEEK’ Creation.

It has been months and months of creating and planning and the line up of collaborators joining this amazing journey is amazingly insane (in a great way lol), what we all get to experience during this
amazing journey is truly life changing for the better. Its for our local communities and each and every community surrounding them.

This is an online wellness global movement. Its an online wellness retreat allowing you to explore and
discover in your own comforts for your chosen surrounds.

This creation is not a one off, this creation is a year after year event spreading love all over the globally and it all starts within, that’s right…within…that’s you…that’s right…

We are all so powerful in our ways so lets shine light with ourselves and this light will shine onto others and then our beautiful mother earth.

For more information click here.

I am so grateful for this amazing download moment that kept on giving for this to create. I am so grateful for this collaboration, I am so grateful for our ‘I LOVE YOU WEEK’ Team and I am so grateful we all get to deliver this amazing week to each and every soul.

So much love to you all,

Heidi Lee xx